Giga Shopping Mall Safety Tips

You can never be too careful. It might sound quite cliché, but the safety of your loved ones is important.

Shopping in packed malls while carrying many bags and items can make shoppers a specific target for criminals. Consequently, we put together a handful of shopping mall safety tips to help keep you and your belongings safe and secure. Whether you are shopping will small kids or alone, it is necessary to take precautions. The following are a few safety tips to remember while shopping in a mall:

1. Be conscious, and always trust your instincts. It is easy to get caught up on shopping lists and to-do lists, etc. Learn to be mindful of your surroundings while you are out busy shopping. If you notice that something seems off, or unsafe, make a rule to always trust your gut and ask for help when required.

2. Park in well-lit areas that are near to your destination. Properly look under, in, and around your car as you are approaching it, and if you are shopping all alone, do not hesitate to ask security personnel to escort you to your vehicle, particularly at night.

3. Try not to leave valuables items in your car, like purses, gifts, clothing, cell phones, etc. Put valuable stuff in the trunk or cover them up. This will minimize the possibility of a car break-in.

4. Do not roam in the parking lot. When getting to your car, get in, lock all the doors, buckle up, and be on your way. Parking lots are considered to be not the right place to make phone calls or just relax.

5. Do not allow cell phone text messaging, conversations or even headphones and songs to be a distraction while walking back to your car or shopping.

6. Try not to hold a pocketbook or purse and keep your money in your front pocket. If you must carry a purse, try to get one that is a cross-body type of messenger bag, which is quite secure and will make it harder for purse-snatchers.

7. Keep your phones on you, in a pocket, or in your hand – this way, in the occurrence of a purse snatching, and you will still have a cell phone to make emergency calls.

8. If it is possible, invite a friend or a family member to go shopping with you. It is always more fun to have a friend join you, and more importantly, safer too.

9. In case of emergenciesalways remember where the nearest exits are, by this you will be able to go out in a time of any disaster.

10. While shopping with childrenalways keep an eye on them and never let them wander away. Just in case, if you lost your kid, then no need to panic, and straight away go to the mall authorities and let them know. Further, to be safer, let your children know the exact time and place where everyone will meet.

11. Let your Children learn their full name, phone number, and address, as early as possible. If the kid is too young to remember, write down your cell number and name and place it in their pocket.

12. You must always accompany your children to the lavatory and do not leave them alone while you are using the restroom.

13. Escalators can be very dangerous for kids, so keep an eye on them. Check their clothing for hanging scarves, untied shoelaces. You must be aware of the emergency buttons on escalators if something gets stuck, and you will be able to stop it.


Date : 04 Jun 2020

Author : Syed Asad

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