How Giga Mall is playing its part in stopping coronavirus spread

Staying safe is everyone’s greatest concern these days. Covid19 is on the rise again. The government of Pakistan is planning fresh regulations for commercial centers. During these trying times, Giga Mall has stepped up its game by staying one step ahead like always. The mall administration has introduced new guidelines and restrictions to minimize the risk of contagion.

In this blog, we take a look at some of these measures and how Giga mall is playing a leading role in Islamabad’s fight against Coronavirus.

Measuring Occupancy

Even though Giga Mall, the twin cities’ biggest shopping mall, stretches over an area of 150,000 sqft, the mall’s administration has worked out acceptable footfall occupancy for each day of the week. It’s based on the number of people accessing a specific area of the mall, at a particular time of the day. This way, Giga Mall controls and regulates the number of new people accessing a specific space.

No Mask No Entry

Since the start of Covid19, the mall has been strictly following the No Mask No Entry rule. Every visitor is thoroughly screen at the entry points. The mall administration has set up unique distribution points at the entrances where visitors can get face masks. No one is allowed to enter the premises without covering their face with an appropriate face mask and a temperature checkup.

Giga Mall Floor markings

To ensure everyone stays within a safe distance from each other, Giga Mall has etched floor markings throughout the corridors, brand outlets, and eateries. These markings encourage visitors to maintain a safe distance from each other. The same markings are used even in the passenger lifts to ensure only a few people enter the premises. Besides, only five people are allowed to enter the lift at a time.

Regular Sanitization

Throughout the day, sanitary workers keep on mopping the floors and spraying various areas of the mall to keep it clean. When the mall is closed for the general public at the end of the day, the administration makes sure that each and every corner is properly sanitized. Specialized teams of sanitary workers have been assigned this task to carry out a thorough sanitization campaign.

Educating the Masses

Giga Mall has also taken up the responsibility of educating the masses about Coronavirus and how to stop its spread. Large-sized standees, digital screens, posters, and flyers have been installed to display guidelines, instructions, precautions, and warnings. These messages are displayed at the mall’s very strategic locations to ensure the maximum number of people get a proper peek.

Final Thoughts

Coronavirus is here to stay until a proper vaccine has been developed. Till that time, it is the responsibility of every citizen to play their part in making public spaces safe for everyone. Giga Mall administration has taken some unprecedented steps in order to stop the coronavirus spread. These steps have also been acknowledged and praised by a large section of society. That is why there has been no Coronavirus case at the premises throughout the year.

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Date : 08 Dec 2020

Author : Syed Asad

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