GIGA Mall Brings Spellbinding Grand New Year Fireworks 2021

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Just like last year, Giga Mall is bringing the blitz to the twin cities. Time your clocks, fuel your cars, and get everyone in your house ready. Because the Giga Fireworks display 2021 is shaping up to be one event you will remember for a long time. Giga New Year Fireworks 2021 will dwarf every other New Year show pale in the spectacle.

Don’t believe us? Ask your friends and family who witnessed the event last year. It was a blast – no pun intended.

Grand New Year Fireworks 2021

As soon as the midnight clock ticks down to ring in the New Year, the sky will burst into a radiant display of fireworks. The event will mark an exquisite combination of Peonies, Grandolas, Chrysanthemum, Willows, Comets, Crosettes, and other types of fireworks for a spectacle you may have never seen before.

Last year, the Giga Mall New Year celebration frenzy lasted for full 20 minutes. People from far and wide witnessed the spectacle with awe. This year Giga Mall is taking these celebrations up a notch. It has planned a fascinating display of fireworks and light shows that will last much longer than the last time.  Plus, the number of fireworks has also doubled from 150,000 to 300,000.

A Message from the Vice-Chairman

Najeeb Pardesi, the Vice Chairman of Giga Group, said in his message, “The Grand New Year Fireworks of the Twin Cities is a magical event for the people. By organizing this annual event, Giga Mall intends to showcase a positive image of the country. Public celebrations like New Year Celebrations bring life and atmosphere to a city, which is much needed in these trying times.”

Like always, the New Year Extravaganza will be live-streamed on Giga Mall’s official Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter handles. So that people who are living abroad can also get a taste of celebrations at home. By showcasing the event life, Giga Mall intends to spread happiness around.

The New Year Fireworks is an annual event at Giga Mall. Every New Year’s Eve, people from all parts of the city flock to Giga Mall to witness this once-a-year event. GT road sees a flood of cars as people from every corner of the city drive to get a glimpse. As soon as the clock ticks down to ring in the New Year, all lights go out. A big burst of fireworks follows for a colorful fireworks display that lasts for more than 20 minutes.

Great Opportunity for SM Influencers and Twin City Residents

Just like last year, Giga Mall is holding a grand contest on this occasion. If you are a Social Media influencer or a resident of the twin cities, you may be in luck!

Take out your smartphones, film the fireworks, and upload them on YouTube with the title ”Best fireworks of Pakistan 2021 | Giga Mall Islamabad”. If your video gets the highest number of views, we will contact you on 31st January with a Giga Prize. This can also be your chance to showcase your work on the Giga Mall Official Facebook page. So don’t miss out!


For further details and inquiries about Grand New Year Fireworks 2021, visit Giga Mall Facebook page.

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