The Trend Of High-rise Residential Apartments In Islamabad

The Trend Of High-rise Residential Apartments In Islamabad

Cities around the world are grappling with solutions to the housing shortage that faces many communities. One urban building typology has the potential to increase housing units without reducing the quality of life. And that are high-rise, high-density developments. Emerging in the 1960s and 70s as an antidote to the severe “tower in the park” model offered by Le Corbusier and others, this housing typology has the potential to overcome some of the downsides of massive urban sprawl. Renewal in its emphasis on livable scale and community context. And the trend is gaining momentum among residential apartments in Islamabad.

The Benefits of High-rise Buildings

High-rise, high-density housing attempts to combine the best urban and suburban development schemes. A multitude of public transportation options, access to urban services, moderate scale, public open space, and individualized dwellings. Therefore, it can reduce sprawl and efficiently use the limited space found in the urban environment while also maintaining the street grid and pedestrian pathways. It is no wonder then that the trend of high-rise, high-density residential developments in the twin cities has been on the rise.

The following projects show us a few contemporary examples of this building typology for apartments in Islamabad. These innovative social housing projects located in Giga Downtown Islamabad, Pakistan, display the high-rise, high-density typology’s great promise for future urban development.

Goldcrest Views Islamabad

Like Highlife, the seven 40 stories Goldcrest Views towers promise a luxury Dubai style living in the heart of DHA Phase 2 Islamabad. The seven towers, of Goldcrest Views 1 and Goldcrest Views 2 have slight differences in their design. But, they are the same iconic buildings Giga Group constructed in Lake Jumeirah Dubai. With these residential buildings, Giga Group hopes to bring the same luxury amenities to Islamabad, Pakistan. The buildings are currently in the construction phase. Once completed, they will offer studio apartments as well as 1, 2, 3, 4-bed apartments in Islamabad. Moreover, multiple penthouses will also be available on top of these buildings.

Goldcrest Highlife Islamabad

Goldcrest Highlife is a high-density mixed-rise residential complex. It consists of seven different residential towers. Among them, four are high-rise, high-density residential developments. Once the project has been completed, these apartments in Islamabad will consist of 1, 2, and 3-bed developments. The balconies will extend the living space into the outside for fresh air. Residents will have access to rooftop amenities located on top of each tower. Because these are high-rise towers, this increases the flow of pedestrians and connection to the surrounding neighborhoods.


High-density residential complexes offer many benefits over other building topologies. And projects like Goldcrest Highlife & Goldcrest Views, with their high-rise, high-density buildings, are all set to make the most use of it. For more details about Goldcrest Highlife and Goldcrest Views Islamabad, visit their respective pages on AlGhurair Giga and Giga Mall Islamabad websites to book your apartments in Islamabad.

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