Biggest Food Court in Twin Cities – The Giga Mall

Biggest Food Court in Twin Cities – The Giga Mall

Food is an essential part of the cultural diversity that exists in the twin cities. Hunger is something that is satisfied here with all the variety and special dishes. When we talk about food – the environment where families can go to have special treats is extremely important. It is not easy to find a place where you can find all the variety, including both the international and desi food brands. People in the twin cities have different tastes in food. Some of them like to eat desi food and some have the urge to fill their tummies with fast food. Even people belonging to the same family have different tastes in their appetites. Therefore, the only place having the biggest food court of the twin cities is located at Giga Mall, Islamabad. Here you can find all the national and international brands with various variety of food outlets. Some of the renowned brands that you can in the food court of Giga Mall are listed below;


The franchise of Macdonald’s in Giga Mall is extremely popular among the people of twin cities. After entering the food court you can see one of the largest cues at the outlet of Macdonald’s. If you are a fast-food lover you must visit the Macdonald’s outlet in the food court of Giga Mall and enjoy different deals.


The famous burger outlet of the people residing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is the OPTP outlet in Giga Mall. The reason for this outlet to be loved by the people is its amazing service and extra-delicious food. The best part about this outlet is that they keep on working for new varieties and amazing deals, which you cannot find anywhere else.


Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American food chain franchise that is popular among people around the world for its delicious and finger-biting fast food. The fried chicken of KFC is world-famous for its unique taste and fabulous recipe. There are many KFC outlets in Islamabad but the most amazing deals on KFC are offered in the food court of Giga Mall.


The Rewayat outlet over the years has proved itself to be a blessing for desi food lovers. Its outlet in the food court of Giga Mall is famous among the residents of twin cities for its amazing deals and delicious food. If you are a desi food lover you must visit this outlet in the Giga Mall food court to enjoy the unique taste with a delicious menu.


One of the best burger food franchises in the town is Tayto. With a variety of different burgers and amazing deals. They have a fine variety of Australiana and Italian food. The quality of presentation and cooking is exceptional. In addition to the amazing burgers they have, their fried prawns and seafood are very delicious. Moreover, as compared to the other restaurants their prices are reasonable. If you visit their outlet they allow you to visit their kitchen that proves their loyalty with the customers. So, if anyone wants to enjoy the best burgers and seafood he/she must visit the Tayto outlet in the Giga Mall food court.

Burger Lab

If you want both the best quality burger at the best price you must visit the Burger Lab at Giga Mall food court on the second floor. The most amazing and delicious burgers and French fries are available here with the best deals. The siting environment is very good and the staff is extra-cooperative. They provide a healthy environment to enjoy your food. Burger Lab in Giga Mall is becoming the most famous brand for the most delicious burgers in the twin cities.

Baskin Robbins

Who doesn’t love the ice cream? The world’s biggest ice cream chain is Baskin Robbins. In the twin cities, the most amazing and well-flavored ice cream with a wide variety of flavors is available at the Giga Mall food court. Baskin Robbins is the one who introduced mousse-textured ice creams and creative deserts like the Polar Pizza Icecream Treat. If you haven’t tried the variety of their ice creams you must visit the ground floor of Giga Mall.

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